BJ Swarts


BJ deserves the title of "Senior Energizer Bunny"! She enthusiastically sings bass in the chorus, crossing over the Bluewater Bridge every Thursday to become a "proud Canadian" for one night a week. BJ joins her "sisters in song" to decompress and recharge. She has been making harmony with Seaway Sounds for 16 years, and comes from the Port Huron area. BJ has been married for 58 years, has 4 fine sons, and is proud to indulge her 12 beautiful grandchildren.

BJ has voltunteered with Bluewater Hospice for more than 30 years and also helps out at the new Hospice Home. Her hobbies include scrapbooking, genealogy, and, of course, singing! BJ claims that "Girlfriends are much cheaper than therapy".