Personal Growth


The opportunities to continue learning your craft are nearly endless with Sweet Adelines. At the chorus level, professional coaching in ongoing, from the chorus coach to the coaches that come in during competition season  to help hone and refine  sections and the whole chorus. Personal voice instruction(PVI) is provided free of charge to members of Seaway Sounds Chorus. The outstanding coaches devel0p a specfic plan to meet your developing voice.

Sweet Adelines International is divided into different regions. Seaway Sounds Chrous is a member of Region 2, that encompasses a large part of Michigan, USA, and Ontario, Canada. This unique arrangement affords the opportunity for members from the two countries to discover similarities and differences in their respective cultures, all through the experience of creating beautiful music together. During the course of the year, Region 2 hosts development workshops and music schools at locations on both sides of the border.
At the international level of SAI, Seaway Sounds Chrous members may also access comprehensive, high quality education in the art of singing four part a cappella harmony. Experts in the areas of vocal production, arranging, directing, choreography, staging, costuming, teaching, personal growth and leadership are all eager and available to help every woamn achieve their personal goals.


Play with Technology

There are so many exciting websites and applications that it can be hard to choose one that really delivers the goods.  Two favorite freebies:

1. Roz Beste's free Music Theory On-line Course.  Sign up and receive a weekly link to the current lesson in the 12-week course. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes and by the end, you should be able to: 

  • name the notes on the treble and bass staff
  • recognize the key signatures
  • know the note to play on your pitch pipe at the start of a song
  • perform basic sight-singing
  • sing any simple note length combination
  • understand elementary music terms and signs.

Sincere thanks to Roz Beste for this fantastic course!


2. And what about learning to hit and sustain any pitch? Yes, there is a super iPhone/ iPad App for that, designed by Christopher Sutton. 




Deepening the Experience

Health and Wellness

Singing is one of the healthiest activities we can choose for ourselves. Therapeutic both emotionally and physically, it boosts our immune system, moods, and coping skills, and releases endorphins into our systems to lift and energize our spirit. We breathe more deeply, take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension. Singing tones our facial, chest and abdominal muscles, and strengthens our lungs.  Group singing is the most transformative and moving experience of all!  A chorus provides a direct pathway to new friendships and great learning experiences so essential for our emotional health.

Keep Your Brain Young

Singing Makes you Happy